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We design, create and orchestrate every aspect of an event and marketing communication projects.

We define the strategy, source the venue, manage the logistics, create amazing content, build intriguing digital experiences , design and build  3D stages, fair concepts, 2D graphic materials, handle all AV production and animation; and we do it all with a one goal: TO GET PEOPLE TALKING !
Our vision and idendity are inspired by Golden Ratio which is a symbol of mathematics  that is perfectly harmonized with nature’s magnificent creations used on both architectural and artistic designs.


Corporate Events

We have ample knowledge and experience in how to best build your original idea into a reality that surpasses your audience’s expecta- tions.


We create, innovative congress met by our knowledge on management service including but not limited to sponsorship management, vision setting and concept development to ensuring every detail is perfect on the day.


From the creation of a stunning concept, through impeccable production, to the seamless management of every logistical detail, we ensure your message is delivered with maximum impact.


Engage your audiences and fortify your key messages with meeting management solutions. With live and digital experiences, our MICE experts will make your meeting a success.

Global DMC
Incentive Tours

The key incentive trend has moved on from just experiences to life changing experiences. After All,  the same – old destination won’t motivate your people to put in all that hard work. We design and execute your objectives from logistics to exclusive high end destination programs.


From exhibition staging to CAD floor plans, our  specialists have the experience and knowledge to ensure your exhibit engages your audience and most effectively communicates your message.

Partner Summit

Motivate, influence, inspire these are three things any Partner Summit will aim to do, and we know just how to create the perfect atmosphere to suit these goals.


The proper theme makes the difference. Partnering with you to bring this vision to life is our goal. If your theme has yet to be determined, we will provide suggestive ideas that bring the spaces to life and custom create a one of a kind look.

We love our clıents

“That was the first time, we worked with Rasyo Works in our major event and I am sure it will be not the last time. I was impressed by the result, it was really amazing organization. Rasyo Team take full responsibility and deliver exceptional result within stretch deadline. Very professional with high level sustainable energy and enthusiasm toward their job. Thanks a lot Rasyo Works, for the great event organization and it was a pleasure to work with them and I hope our paths cross again in the future.”


“I had the opportunity to work with Rasyo Works last year for our one of the major event. I was impressed by how professional, creative, leader and dedicated toward the success of the event. Working with Rasyo Team was a successful experience. They were immediately struck by their professional and insightful marketing communication skills, and dedicated demeanor and style of working which never failed to produce strong results. Lastly, I will say that one of the things I personally enjoyed about Rasyo Team were the way they were able to understand each team's temperament and work effectively in each set environment, they set out to understand what they needed to know about persons. Products, Event audience and always had a way of personalizing each activity to suit the desired outcome, this was to me one of the more special attributes of Rasyo Works .” It was a pleasure to work with them and I hope our paths cross again in the future”


“From my own experience I can say Rasyo Works standards are obsessively high and attention to detail also. They are calm under pressure, well organized and creates the impression you are their only Client. ”



Content Consultancy

Spread the knowledge and increase your event’s life cycle. We help you create and distribute content based on human insights that aims to drive impact, stimulate discussions, spread knowledge and evoke emotional retention.

Stage Design (2D, 3D)

Stage design is the synthesis of your event concept and the focal point of your guest’s attention. Our design teams create 3D stages for your event with unique combinations of corporate identity and technical /lighting scheme.

Technical Equipments, Productions & Animations

We mix creativity with technology to ensure your live events not only look amazing but inspire, engage and leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Transportation & Transfer

We execute logistics with operational excellence, and coordinate all transportation services.

Indoor/Outdoor Motivational Teambuilding Activities

From a fun a day on the beach to high level strategic workshops we provide endless ideas to grow your team and help remove them from the sea of sameness.

Shows & Entertainment

Our ideas to make your special event truly unforgettable.We supply the very best entertainers & performers for all types events and parties, private celebrations.

Supplier Relation Management

We are able to leverage lower prices by using their tremendous purchasing power to negotiate for preferential rates with local vendors and suppliers.

Registration Website Design

Attendees of the conference can register themselves, and all the information is imported back into Event Register Web Site, where it is automatically organized and available to print in several reports that can be customized to your specific needs.

Interior & Exterior Design

From the smallest details of your table centerpiece to the overall layout of the room, the proper theme makes the difference.

Happy Clıents


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